Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Music Meal

We had a great time Sunday after church at our Music Meal fundraiser. The spaghetti prepared by Bro. Billy was great w/toasted French Garlic Bread and a good green salad. Then we had a table full of desserts which we all love. The Texas Sheet Cake was loved by all and Sis. Julie said "It's heavenly". Thank God it was all eaten because if I had to take it home, well let's just say it wouldn't of lasted very long. I'm gonna post the recipe in case you are tempted to make it. The Jello Poke Cake was enjoyed but not as well as the Chocolate...the chocolate always wins out. I think the Jello cake would be a good recipe if your looking for something not to heavy. Cool and springish...Is springish a word? Oh well, gotta post that one too so I'll have it. I stayed after our lunch and had a great time of fellowship with 3 other ladies of the church. It was great to laugh and be around some just plain good folks.
I didn't realize it was so late so will post recipes tomorrow. Until then....

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