Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi all, its late again as I spend too much time on fb playing games. I worked today on canning chicken. I had so many leg quarters that I started w/them. I first decided to can them cooked versus the raw pack. So, instead of boiling chicken for a few hours, I pressure cooked the leg quarters for 5 minutes at 10# pressure. The chicken came out tender and well done. I separated most of the quarters but left a few whole to see if cutting was necessary. The whole pieces did just as good as the separated. After skinning and deboneing, I was able to get 6 pints and 1 half pint. I was rather anxious to try this as I was afraid I had cooked my chicken too long. So, tonight after church, I came home and nuked a bowl of dry spicy chicken noodles. After it was ready, I added half of the half-pint that I had canned. It was great. Really added to the dry noodle soup. I think I will make some more half-pints to have on my storage shelf. I really didn't need the wide mouth jars as the pieces were not large. Tomorrow I can chicken breast so will probably need the wide mouth. Well, gonna add my pics and off to bed.

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  1. You're working hard getting all that stuff ready! This way reallly just seems the way to go. Like you, my freezer is so jammed that I don't even know what's in it. Having these on the shelf so you can see is going to work well for you. This also leaves plenty of room in your freezer for all the cakes, pies and etc...
    The jars look really good and doesn't look like you lost even a drop of the broth. I guess practice does make perfect. The beef looks great too!