Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just wanted to show what canning equipment I use to can. It is so necessary to have the tools of the trade to help you and keep you safe. I jar lifter is very important to keep you from burning yourself with boiling hot water. A magnetic lid lifter is very helpful in getting the lids out of the hot water and a pressure canner is necessary to can meats and vegetables. Also a wide mouth funnel is necessary to help get the food in the jars and not all down the sides of the jar. I also included some pics of pecans that I canned.
First I toasted the pecans in a single layer in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. I stayed right by the stove and kept opening the door and shaking and turning the pecans. When they were toasted to my liking, I put them in hot, DRY jars and put a previously boiled dry lid on, screwed the band on and put in pressure canner. I pressured canned at 10psi for 5 minutes. They are very tasty this way, no salt or anything else added. They are sealed and on my shelf for later use. The toasting brings out the flavor of the nut and will be great for my baking needs.
I still have about 20 lbs of tiny baby pecans to shell. It is a slow time consuming thing but I usually do this on my tv night as I'm sitting doing nothing. I do like to keep my hands busy. Will be canning more pecans as they last longer on the shelf then in the freezer. My goal is to can everything in my freezer that I can. If the freezer goes out during disaster then my loses will be few.

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